‘Your Phone’ SMS integration rolling out for Insiders on Windows 10

Microsoft is now rolling out the next big Your Phone integration feature today with users who are currently beta testing the app. You can now also sync and send SMS text messages, in addition to sharing photos directly from your Android phone. At this time, SMS sync only works with Android phones and is currently available only for users in the Windows Insider Program.

The Microsoft Your Phone app has been designed to allow Android as well as iOS phones to more tightly synchronize with Windows 10 computers. The iOS version of the app currently allows only users to share Web pages they had been browsing on their phones with their Windows 10 PCs.  The company is planning to expand Your Phone so it can ultimately do more. Microsoft has also said that it plans to use the Your Phone app to allow users to make calls and more.

Microsoft had touted the new SMS integration as a feature back in May 2018 . The company had mentioned about this feature when it announced Your Phone to the public. When Your Phone’s first beta app was released , it didn’t include this feature.  However, Microsoft had promised that it will be adding more features to the app over time. It appears Microsoft is planning to have both SMS sync and photo ready for the public in the October 2018 Update which is a few weeks away.

From the first impression, it seems like the SMS integration works well. SMS conversations update rather quickly since it doesn’t rely on the cloud. There are even toast notifications that pop up to allow you to see your missed texts in the Action Center.  Well, the downside is that these notifications aren’t actionable yet. This means that one can’t answer them directly from the notification itself.  Microsoft sure must be looking to add this in a future update.

SMS integration is now rolling out to Insiders for now, including an update to the Microsoft Apps app on Android to enable this functionality. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is expecting to push Your Phone alongside the October 2018 Update next month. So before this release, the company is ensuring everything is working properly with Insiders.

This update would definitely make Android phones which use the Your Phone app more efficient when it comes to SMS. Though SMS are not that much used these days with messaging apps like Whatsapp being extremely popular, the role of SMS cannot be looked down for years to come.

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