US recalls diplomats from El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Panama over Taiwan

The United States has recalled a few of it’s top diplomats from El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Panama for consultations over those countries’ decision to not recognize Taiwan any longer.

The State Department had announced on Friday night that US Ambassador to El Salvador Jean Manes, US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Robin Bernstein and US Charge d’Affaires in Panama Roxanne Cabral will meet with U.S. Government leaders and discuss several ways in wahich the United States can support independent, strong, democratic institutions and economies throughout the entire Central America and the Caribbean.

Panama’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement following the US move that Panama highly respects the decision of the United States to recall its diplomats in El Salvador & the Dominican Republic as well as it’s Charge d’Affaires in Panama.  The statement also mentioned that it will continue to work with North America on both the countries’ bilateral agenda.

El Salvador had cut ties with Taiwan in August. Panama did the same last summer and Dominican Republic in May. The number of Taipei’s formal diplomatic allies is just 17 with the recent severed ties.

The Communist leadership of China refuses to maintain diplomatic ties with any country which recognizes the self-governed and democratic Taiwan. Beijing considers Taiwan as a renegade province. Taiwan is an island of 23 million people off China’s southeastern coast that.

The United States does not recognize self-governing Taiwan as an independent country as part of its  “One China Policy”. Hence the US does not have an official embassy in Taiwan. Despite this, the US maintains a de facto embassy in the form of American Institute in Taiwan. The institute was established as part of the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979. It governs America’s relationship with the island since the US switched its recognition to Beijing.

The United States does not take an official position on the future of the status of Taiwan apart from that to oppose the unilateral changing of the status quo by either side. It should also be noted that Washington’s “One China Policy” differs from the policy advocated by Beijing .

The island would always remain a very important American ally in the region. There is no denying the fact that under President Donald Trump, close unofficial ties between the United States and Taiwan have grown much stronger. Needless to say that Washington is Taipei’s most important arms supplier and also the most vocal international backer.

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