Tor Browser now available for Android users, currently in Alpha version

Not everyone is familiar with the dark web that is the hidden part of the web that we see. Accessing this part of the web requires a specialized browser that is known as “Tor Browser”. However, the Tor was limited to desktop versions for quite some time but the company has been innovating its potential for better reach for expansion of Tor Project. The organization recently released the Android version of its Tor Browser.

Currently, the browser can be downloaded via Google Play Store Application which is tagged as the alpha release stating that there could be a presence of some bugs inside the app. This very first official launch of the Tor Browser designed for Android shall replace the Orfox which is another browser for Android that features navigation support in the web through Tor Network following the Onion protocol.

After the official announcement of this Tor project, Orfox that was developed under Guardian Project has been sent for retirement. Following the release, Tor has been calling its dedicated fans in order to test out the latest Android version for this browser. In order to use the Android Tor, the users need to have Orbot as a mobile proxy based application which will help this browser with easy connection to Tor network. However, this won’t be a necessary requirement for future projects by Tor.

According to the list provided by the network, the new browser is feature-packed with important inclusions such as tracker blocker which will effectively isolate the website user’s visit to any in the dark web in order to avoid being tracked or followed by the advertisements or third-party trackers. Any cookies acquired during the browsing phase automatically get deleted post use.

Additionally, the users also get fingerprinting protection. This android browser makes it hard for the users to be based simply on fingerprint in order to access the device information or browser details. With no ISP blockers, the users can easily access a site they always wanted to. This is true even for the ones that have been blocked by the local ISPs. Any connection made via Tor is hidden from the regulatory monitors. This means that the regulators can only see users accessing Tor network and nothing else. Additionally, the users get the option of multi-layered encryption where all the traffic passing via Tor Network has been encrypted with the use of Onion Protocol.

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