SpaceX COO favors Elon Musk as a more than capable company leader

The recent social media mania over the antics by Elon Musk has started getting quite a big of an issue. From fluctuating between taking the company private or public to tagging a rescuer as “Pedophile” the Tesla CEO has surely grabbed a lot of attention in the recent weeks. However, the CEO of the company was actively defended by Gwynne Shotwell, the President and COO of SpaceX, as someone who is a perfectly brilliant man.

Musk’s behavior on social media has surely spurred the onset of a particularly volatile time for the company Tesla Inc. The organization creates electric-car with some of the best and futuristic technologies. The stocks for the company have already sold off after he tweeted about the company going private but didn’t go through with the decision. During his emotional interview with New York Times, the CEO spoke about work exhaustion and excessive drug use.

To add to this, Musk was seen smoking Marijuana during a popularly sought after podcast paired with an online comedian. Shotwell defended these actions by Musk stating that these conduct seen in the recent weeks by Musk shall in no way impact the company’s ability to acquire good contracts. Additionally, this substance abuse has had no impact on the company backer’s and the confidence they have over the CEO.

She further added that people should stick to the work he does for the companies rather than focusing on the stuff he does during the private time. SpaceX has planned at least 22 missions for the year 2018. The company’s major player Falcon 9 Rocket successfully reached the orbit about 18 times the previous year which is a major achievement when compared with any of the launch vehicle currently available in the entire globe.

However, the company saw a fall of 4.2 percent in the stock market on Tuesday post declaration by Romit Shah who is a Nomura Instinet based analyst that deemed the stocks as something that were no longer worthy of investment. He mentioned that Musk’s erratic behavior along with the prolific tweet that accused the Thailand Cave Diver of practicing pedophilia.

Now several investors and analysts have called Tesla for appointment of a COO at the company. Shotwell, who is 54 now said that she is in love with cars but her very first job at the company Chrysler Corp was that of an engineer which is why she wants to work with rockets.

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