Republican senator Collins to cast the deciding vote for nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Post the completion of the contentious confirmation of the hearings meant for Brett Kavanaugh, who is the nominee for U.S. Supreme Court, the focus has now shifted towards the potential vote swinger’s such as Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins.

If the votes from Collins go for a yes, this could be the likely confirmation for Kavanaugh. In order to block him from getting elected, she along with Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska would have to vote a no. While keeping up with the deliberative approach, the senator Collins has said limited words on her voting decision. However, she hinted to the fact that Kavanaugh sent clear signals with regards to the abortion rights law by Roe v. Wade to be a settled one which practically clarified her issues with taking the right decision.

Collins’ spokesman mentioned about the recent email received from Kavanaugh in which the nominee disputed that the legal scholars mostly see the Roe as something that is a settled one. However, this didn’t change the mind of the senator in terms of voting. The pressure is at an all time high. The democrats now argue that the current U.S. President Donald Trump actually picked Kavanaugh just because he might vote in order to overturn the decision by Roe v. Wade.

Additionally, there has been a series of TV advertisements by liberal groups prompting the senator for rejection of this nomination. People from different parts of the country recent mailed close to 3000 hangers that are used to hang coats which was received at her office. This symbolized the back-alley abortions which was a popular practice before getting legalized.

The activists have now pledged in order to spend several dollars in order to fund the opponent of Collins, if her decision involves voting in positive trance of the nominee selected by the President. Collins shall be up for a re-election in the year 2020. She is the one who fought against GOP effort in order to junk Affordable Care Act. She is mostly seen at the centre of any hot topic being held at the senate.

In her latest interview with The Associated Press, she commented that she always waits till the completion of the hearings in order to make the right decision and the similar rule applies for the election of Presidential candidate as well. While Collins has never pitched her vote against any nominee for Supreme Court, she has surely vowed for the rejection of candidates that can actually be hostile to the ruling by Roe v. Wade.

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