Plex to shut down its cloud service in November after months of technical issues

Personal media player Plex announced to its users today that it will be shutting down its Plex Cloud service at the end of November, as spotted by Variety. The Plex Cloud service has been having a lot of technical issues and has been in maintenance mode for a few months now.

The company shared an email that it sent to its customers. It said that after a lot of investigation and thought, the company has not been able to find a solution capable of delivering a true first class Plex experience to Plex Cloud users at a reasonable cost. It added that while they are super bummed about the impact this will have on their happy Cloud users, ending the support for it will allow them to focus more on improving core functionality and adding new features & content.

In the end of 2016, Plex Cloud Beta was launched and then it became a stable service in early 2017. Surely, Plex gave the service a fair shot. However, it is pulling the plug to not get buried too deep trying to make the service work when it is not.

Those who use Plex for streaming content from a dedicated machine won’t see any service disruptions or changes from the removal of Plex Cloud, but the removal of the service would make it tough for people who do not or cannot own a dedicated machine to start using Plex.

The company first launched its cloud-based media server in the year 2016 as a way for users to easily access extra storage. In the beginning, users had to subscribe to Amazon Drive, which used to cost $59.99 a year for unlimited storage at that time, and get a Plex Pass to start using Plex Cloud. Then, Plex added support for Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. It was a coincident that Amazon ended its unlimited storage plan last year.

Plex was unable to handle these integrations ultimately and it ran into a lot of technical issues which forced it to disable support for Amazon Drive and then stop making new cloud servers altogether in February. By the 30th of November, Plex Cloud servers will no longer be accessible. However, media files wuld not get affected. The news has come out as a big blow to premium subscribers who surely must have relied on Plex Cloud to store and view their personal media.

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