North Korea held its 70th Military Parade at Pyongyang with no ICBMs in sight

This Sunday marked the epic military parade staged by North Korea in order to mark its 70th anniversary for the founding day of the country that normally follows a secretive attitude under the reign of Kim Jong Un. However, this parade refrained from showcasing the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles or the ICBMs that have been deemed capable of selective targeting against the present global superpower, the U.S.

This parade, that was considerably subtle in an effective way when compared to the parades organized in the years before, came with an on-and-ff background comprised of the stalled diplomatic chat between the Trump administration and North Korea with regards to the issue of making the country give up its nuclear hold.

The mass rally along with a military parade was held at the Kim II Sung Square located at North Korea’s Pyongyang where one could see the soldiers salute while riding the tanks throughout the end of the line for this yearly event. Experts speculated that the parade might not showcase its advanced weaponry even before the parade started, in order to avoid the U.S. President Donald Trump getting antagonized by the valuables North Korea has in store and the potential it holds for a probable war for power.

The celebration marked a cheerful event for the crowd watching the epic showcase at Pyongyang. The event showcased several military vehicles along with the parade by the soldiers and beautiful fireworks that lit up the sky. The North Korean leader, Kim reviewed this procession while standing at the balcony of Kim II Sung Square while chatting alongside his senior officials that included names such as Li Zhanshu who was a rather special envoy all the way from China to represent Xi Jinping, the Chinese President. The event’s end was marked by Li and Kim locking hands in the air to showcase a respect and love towards each other’s nation.

The parade had been segregated into two factions. The first being military portion that featured a stream of soldiers, all wearing uniforms that dated back from North Korea’s history from 1948 till date. This parade is the very first show organized by North Korea to showcase its military might post the meeting of two major leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore during the month of June. The civilian section of the parade involved colorful showcase of the rich culture of the country.

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