NBA 2K feels Sorry about Charging Players for Haircuts

NBA 2K18 had a lot of problems earlier on. The biggest one being the fact it was riddled with microtransactions. The 2K19 was tested over the weekend and while some of the issues still persist, there is at least one major difference: the haircuts are now free, and the new barber is very much aware of it.

The 2k18 version of the game turned a change of hairstyle into an experience that was charging the players’ virtual currency and also didn’t allow them to preview the look on their character. To add to this, it even won’t let them get the same haircut later without charging them all over again.

Before this, the hair cut was a free and easy part of character customisation.

Though it was the best basketball game in the market, it was only one of a litany of cash-grabbing intrusions. However, it quickly became a flashpoint for some angry fans. They rightly saw it as a farcical piece of nickel-and-diming on the part of 2K.

That is just about as clear a mea culpa as you can ever get from a big video game publisher. It is nice touch to have it enshrined in the game itself, and not just relegated to Ronnie 2K’s Twitter or something.

Now it would be great if only one gets the NBA Shop guy to apologize for charging so much for a pair of shorts.

When NBA 2K18 was launched last year, it had received a lot of positive reviews. There was one major complaint that critics and users seemed to have. It was the sheer number of microtransactions being pushed.

It is true that microtransactions are everywhere, and trying to advance without them seems nearly impossible.

This is not a big surprise for any game affiliated with EA, but NBA 2K18 really felt like a pay-to-win title and the grind for VC (the in-game currency) was so long that players used to feel that microtransactions is the only option for advancement.

An early release of the game and the demo showed that 2K Games has tweaked the progression system drastically to address feedback it got from the fans. The sense of reward has been increased, and there are several other ways to earn VC in more natural ways than just grinding.

This is a good news for NBA game lovers and they surely would be looking to get their hands on the 2k19 version of the game as soon as possible.

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