NASA Launches a Laser Satellite to Measure Melting Ice & Increasing Water Level in Oceans

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has successfully launched a laser satellite to study the melting of ice on our planet. The satellite which was placed into the space around the earth’s orbit yesterday will use laser technology to measure how much ice is melting and the speed at which it is melting. It will also give us an idea of the increasing water level in different oceans.

The laser is said to be so precise that it will hit the earth’s surface from the satellite¬†10,000 times in 1 second hence giving an accurate¬†measure. The laser satellite launched by NASA will rotate around the earth with a focus on the north pole and south pole as that is where most glaciers and ice sheets are present.

The launch of this special laser satellite has been successful and as per NASA, the laser will be turned on after a couple of weeks. This time will be used to conduct various tests in regard to the orbit and functioning of the satellite. Once on, the laser beam from the NASA satellite will measure the ice precisely to every 70 cm of the earth’s surface where it will be focused.

We all know that global warming is a big issue and the melting ice from the poles can be a big thing in the future as the water level in our oceans rises. This laser satellite by NASA will study the exact rate at which the ice is melting and even give us a glimpse of life at the poles. Maybe, the next step for humanity would be to make Antarctica¬†habitable for humans. It is a fact that we don’t know much about what’s happening at the poles on our planet. This NASA laser satellite will shed light on that and help us understand how melting ice will affect human life on earth.

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