Most exciting new phone from Apple in 2018 will be the iPhone XS Max

In about a weeks time, Apple will announce the next wave of iPhone models. There is not much left for us to figure out. There is already a lot of information available. We have seen what all three phone look like. It is for sure that the design of the iPhone X will be carried over. Now we even know that the 5.8-inch OLED model will be named as the iPhone XS. Apart from than the specifications, the only major revelations are the names of the other models. We believe that we now know the name of one other model.

Well, this is one thing we are very confident about. Apple is ditching it’s ‘Plus’ branding in 2018. Hence there would not be an iPhone X Plus and there won’t be an iPhone XS Plus either. Multiple sources have confirmed this , and they have also claimed that Apple is not considering using ‘Pro’ for the premium model either.

It has been learnt from two sources that Apple will use an entirely new name for the 6.5-inch OLED model. The company will name it iPhone XS Max.  Apple has been experimenting with naming conventions outside of a single number or that particular number followed by ‘Plus’.  This however, would be breaking the tradition in a meaningful way. It is yet to be seen if it would represent any changes in the actual specifications or features of the phone, but we will know for sure very soon.

Apple started this naming conventions back in 2014 with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Many had thought that Apple would still continue using these conventions with the iPhone XS and name the larger version the iPhone XS Plus. Now it is sure that this no longer the case.

In addition to the bigger size, the iPhone XS Max is also expected to offer an even bigger battery than the smaller XS.

Other than the iPhone XS Max, it is also expected that Apple will announce the 5.8-inch iPhone XS. The iPhone XS will be the direct sequel to the iPhone X.  A 6.1-inch LCD model will also be announced and is expected to have a cheaper price tag.

These announcements would be made at a special event which will take place on September 12th at 10:00 AM PT in the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for this event and are keen to get their hands on the latest iPhones as soon as possible.

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