Mike Pence breaks with Trump on Sessions, praises the attorney general

Vice President, Mike Pence on Wednesday praised Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a rare public break from President Donald Trump. Jeff Sessions has repeatedly and increasingly faced the wrath of the commander in chief.

Pence, walking into a GOP lunch at the Capitol, had very kind words for Jeff Sessions when he was asked by reporters whether he had confidence in the attorney general.

Pence said that he holds Jeff Sessions in the highest regard and appreciates his service to the nation.

Trump was teeing off on his attorney general as recently as this week. He had criticized Sessions on Monday in a pair of tweets that was putting blame on the attorney general for the timing of the federal charges last month against Republican Reps. Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins , who were both early supporters of Trump as the president of United States.

In August this year, Trump ripped Sessions because he never took control of the Justice Department.  This attack had prompted the attorney general, to push back in a rare retort. Trump responded a day later, daring Sessions to investigate Democrats and intelligence officials.

In July, Trump ripped Sessions as “very weak.” Last month again, he called on Sessions to end the Mueller probe.

According to a book by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, “Fear: Trump in the White House,”¬† at one point Trump had blasted his attorney general as mentally retarded¬† and dumb Southerner who can’t even be a one-person country lawyer down in Alabama.

However, the president denied calling Sessions by these names. But it is not at all hidden that Trump has expressed his anger at Sessions for recusing himself from any federal probe into Russian election meddling.

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