Fortnite Servers Offline as High Stakes 5.40 Update is about to be released

After a slight delay, Epic Games has initiated the process of deploying Fortnite’s latest weekly update. The Patch 5.40 is rolling out for all platforms today, Thursday, September 6. It was originally slated to arrive earlier this week before the developer discovered a “critical controller issue” and postponed it. This has marked the start of the recently teased High Stakes event.

The update, as usual will be preceded by a round of maintenance in which Fortnite’s servers will be offline. The maintenance period is scheduled to begin early in the day at around 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST.

Epic has not yet revealed how long the downtime is estimated to last.  The previous maintenance periods have typically been brief, generally running for just about an hour or two.

Once the servers are back online, players would  be able to dive into the changes coming as part of the update. Epic is also tweaking how the storm works. One important change would be, the edge of the storm will now deal damage to player structures in the final phases of a match. The developers are also vaulting another weapon, the Revolver, as a way to keep the item pool feeling dynamic and fresh.

The most significant change the update will cause is that it will kick off High Stakes, a heist-themed event that consists of a new limited-time mode called the Getaway. Four safes in this mode are scattered around the map, and players will have to work together in teams of four to find them, pilfer the jewel they contain and then safely reach the extraction point.

Getaway will also be accompanied by its set of High Stakes challenges which are completed by participating in the LTM and dealing damage to opponents who carry a jewel. There are three High Stakes challenges in total. Those who succeed in finishing all of them before the event ends will be rewarded with a crowbar skin for their pickaxe.

High Stakes also brings in one new skin and four masks. They would be available to purchase these from Fortnite’s in-game store. Apart from this, Epic is also adding a new type of gun which is called the Grappler. As its name implies, players would be able to fire the gun at a wall and quickly launch themselves toward it.

In the meanwhile, Week 9’s challenges have also been delayed slightly. They are now scheduled to go live on this Friday, September 7.

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